Residential Leak Detection

Is there an active leak in your house?

Is your water bill substantially higher? Can water be hears running when all faucets are off? If so you may have a hidden leak around your home. Hidden leaks can cause serious foundation damage and pose a health hazard. At Five Star Leak Detection, we offer non invasive precise leak detection. Furthermore we offer same water and mold remediation with courtesy fans and dehumidifiers.


At five Star Leak Detection:

  • We take the time to listen to your concerns and we understand your frustration.
  • We offer courtesy fans and dehumidifiers so your life can go back to normal fast.
  • We always offer various repair options so you make an informed decision.
  • We offer complete residential leak detection services to address all type of leaks from slab to roof.

We understand the stress that comes with an active leak. We quickly and efficiently detect the root of the problem so your life can resume back to happy.


We offer fast, reliable leak detection services. When you call us, you can rest assured you will receive upfront pricing, cost-effective practices, and peace of mind.

To learn about our leak detection services for your home, call (866) 701-5306 today!

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