Meet The LeakTector

We are proud to introduce our pioneering rapid water loss sensor to you. We feel that the timing, technology, and price point of the LeakTector have positioned it as the perfect answer to an economical solution against residential, commercial and industrial leakage.

Ideal for a wide range of water leak testing from first-time users to leak detection professionals, the LeakTector was designed to embody what customers have come to expect from that type of device: a fast, non-intimidating, lightweight, easy-to-use water loss sensor.

Commercial Grade Materials

The LeakTector is the first leak detector of its kind. Unlike its competition, it is rugged being made of aluminum and not plastic, it doesn’t require to warm up, it doesn’t need calibration, it is completely i.p 68 waterproof, it doesn’t need to be sent back for repair for moisture damage, it doesn’t give complicated graphs that need to be interpreted.

The LeakTector is a multi-use tool designed for swimming pools, spas, shower pans, gas tanks, oil tanks and septic tanks or any underground storage tank for that matter. Additionally it can also measure the water table level.

It allows its user to quickly determine if a body of liquid level is dropping and how much water it is losing. The LeakTector is a highly sensitive device measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch.

See for yourself:


The leaktector is the is the first IP 68 waterproof aluminum grade liquid leak sensor built to last.

  1. Battery Powered

    Powered by a 3.6V battery for long lasting usage

  2. Bright LED Display

    High, medium, low, strobe, and SOS function

  3. Durable

    Made from aircraft-grade aluminum

  4. Waterproof

    Waterproof to IP65 Standard

  5. Real Time Data

    Accurate real time liquid loss readings

  6. Air or Dirt Blown Into Pool

    If air or dirt is being pulled into the plumbing system through a leak, you may see that air or dirt being blown into the pool from the returns. This may also cause mysterious gurgling sounds.

  7. LightWeight

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