Repairs for Pool, Spa, and Fountain Leaks

Enjoy your on-site spa, fountain, and pool all year long.

Your top priority should be to have the leak addressed if a leak detection test finds one. Your water bill will soar to absurd heights as a result of leaks. We at American Leak DetectionTM take great pride in our repair work.

We make every effort to ensure the job is completed fast and correctly because we recognize the trouble this can cause you. If we found the leak, we will provide you a free quote for the necessary repairs right away.

Make a repair schedule right away by dialing (866) 701-5306. We're delighted to assist you, team!

The Systems We Support

We work on only few systems at a time. Give our staff a call to see how we can assist with any installed recreational water feature.

We fix leaks in all varieties of swimming pools, spas, and fountains. Call your neighborhood American Leak Detection to find out if we can manage your particular circumstance!


Your system leak could be caused by a wide range of variables. Each of the parts that make up your pool has the potential to leak if it is damaged.

There may be a pool leak in:

The surrounding architecture, including the tile line, main drain, return outlets, etc.

vacuum tubes

Back lines

The primary sewer

Pool filters and pumps


water slides and other pool equipment

We are aware of every location where leaks can happen as well as the quickest techniques for locating and repairing them.

We Have Some of the Highest Customer Satisfaction Rankings in the Industry!

Learn why American Leak Detection™ is considered to be THE leaders in non-invasive leak detection.